Anju Okhandiar. Chartered Linguist

Editorial Services

I have been offering freelance professional freelance editorial services since, 2010.

A qualified proofreader and copyeditor, having undertaken proofreading courses with the CIEP and Publishing Scotland, I have over 20 years of experience in this field. I have a no fuss approach to writing and editing, alongside the desired training and computer skills for this job. I work closely with my client's style guide, with great attention to detail, I ensure that the text meets the highest of standards of written English. I'm consistent in adhering to agreed deadlines.

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Translation Services

I have been translating for government, education sector and private companies since 1988. A qualified linguist and a professional translator, having undertaken CIOL courses, I have 30 years of experience in this field. I translate from English and German-to-Hindi and vice versa.

I have a disciplined translation technique with a strong eye for detail. With excellent Fluency depth in both the source and target language, I strive to convey the exact intended meaning of the honed text along with the actual tenor and mode ensuring that the final translation reads smooth, as if it was written in the original language.

I offer translations with specialist revision included, embedded with clarity, accuracy and backed by reliable research. Established excellent relationship with clients by providing constructive customer support. Actively sought feedback from customers to ensure understanding and satisfaction. Remained informed and educated on technical terms used, to ensure the quality and standards of translations is/was maintained.

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I am happy to provide a quote for a job (fixed rate, word count rate and hourly rate) upon request. Please contact me to discuss this further.